Photoshop collage based on the concept of the Monochord of the Human Soul, 17th century diagram by Robert Fludd.    Illustrating humanity is a microcosm to the macrocosm…illustrates the correspondences of the planets.  The resonance of which could be played like a giant instrument.   The hand of God, pure awareness, reaches down to attune the instrument….in his/her hand an ancient key of magic, Abracadabra !   The hands playing the resonances of the instrument have 6 fingers, as in lucid dreaming practice if you look at your hand & it deforms you know you are dreaming & on the astral plane.

Inspired initially by the music of Shpongle ( Simon Posford ) , who is the enigmatic jester figure ( taken from last album cover by Storm Thorgorson ) walking balancing down the strings.