Emma was born on Dartmoor on Beltane , May 1st ,near Scorhill stone circle , grew up in Devon , and now lives in the Ashdown Forest in Sussex .

Her inspiration comes principally from her explorations in consciousness and esoteric study. Her Art is inspired by meditations on the archetypes of mythology , designed to activate powerful forces in the psyche for healing and transformation .She has trained in & practices Druidry, Buddhist meditation, Chi Gung , the 13 moon mystery school , Kabbalah , Golden Dawn & Jungian psychology.

Her life path was defined by a challenging walking disability in childhood . Her Art is her therapy , and she is interested in psychology , chi gung & various methods of healing PTSD.

    Her art has been exhibited widely at festivals, gallerys & museums internationally . ( See past events )  In her 20’s she gained a Diploma in Fine Art & Design , and after that was self taught, researching classical Academy methods of painting. She assisted Ernst Fuchs (principle founder of Fantastic Realism) in Vienna in 2012 ,  trained on courses in oil painting in Italy & Austria with Amanda Sage , and attended courses with the London School of Representational Art , and the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art.

 Besides painting , her other great love is Music , playing flute & songwriting .