Emma Watkinson

Emma was born in Dartmoor, Devon on Beltane.  After completing a Diploma in Fine Art & Design she traveled the world extensively exploring the spiritual traditions & politics of different cultures , documenting her journeys in photographs.  She spent time on the West bank in Israel,  was deeply inspired by the temples of Egypt, worked for Greenpeace in New Zealand, lived in Thailand & Cambodia , & went on Pilgrimage to many sacred sites in India & Mexico. She is also highly influenced by her time spent immersed in the counter culture of America.   
   Her inspiration comes principally from her explorations in consciousness.   Meditating deeply on mythology, & immersing herself in esoteric study, she seeks to create archetypal images that unlock portals in the psyche.  She has a background history in Druidry, spent time with the Triratna Buddhist order & is currently studying with a Kabbalistic lineage. 
    She has exhibited widely for the past 9 years in Europe, America & Australia, at both festivals, gallerys & museums.  Initially self taught, she has experience assisting Ernst Fuchs painting in 2012 ,principle founder of Fantastic Realism, & trained in mische technique oil painting with his lineage of students in Italy & Vienna. Currently in an interim year of an M.A in myth, cosmology & the sacred , she has researched classical Academy methods of painting, and attended courses at the London School of Representational Art. 
She has had some interesting challenges in her life, born with a disability of dislocated hips, she underwent a lot of surgery as a child and adult to enable her to walk.  She views this challenge to be her greatest hurdle and teacher, compelling her to seek healing…which she wishes to share with others, & inspire those with difficult lives to be creative.  
 To relax, she loves to compose music in her spare time, specializing in flute ,vocals & ambient soundscapes.