Emma Watkinson

Born in the mystic landscape of Devon on Beltane. After leaving art college, Emma traveled the world extensively for many years exploring the spirituality of different cultures .Her inner spiritual adventures provide a deep well of inspiration.She has a background history in Druidry, spent time immersed in Buddhism & has a deep love of esoteric study & the Mystical Kabbalah.  She seeks to crystallise her visions in her Art,  meditating deeply on mythic archetypes, listening to spirit for guidance. She intends to create images that can act as keys in meditation, opening portals in the psyche to let in the healing light of the universe.
She has had some interesting challenges in her life, born with a disability of dislocated hips, she underwent a lot of surgery as a child and adult to enable her to walk.  She views this challenge to be her greatest hurdle and teacher, compelling her to seek healing & walk the spiritual path.  The wisdom is in the wound. She seeks to put this wisdom into her art to heal others, & hopes to inspire people who have difficult lives to be creative.
Also a musician, she is exploring the synthetic experience of live painting at events. She has spent time assisting the maestro Ernst Fuchs in Vienna in autumn 2012, the Fantastic Realist painter that  founded the entire movement & is her greatest inspiration.