Emma was born on Dartmoor, Devon close to Scorhill stone circle on Beltane May 1st 1973.  After completing a Diploma in Fine Art & Design she spent many years traveling exploring the spiritual traditions & politics of different cultures , living in Thailand, New Zealand, Egypt, Israel, & California.  
   Her inspiration comes principally from her explorations in consciousness and her personal journey of healing .   Meditating deeply on mythology, & immersing herself in esoteric study, she seeks to create archetypal images that unlock portals in the psyche.  She has a lifelong connection with the Druid path, spent time meditating with the Triratna Buddhist order , trained in Aikido & has studied with a Kabbalistic lineage.  She is also interested in psychology & healing. 
    Her art has been exhibited widely at festivals, gallerys & museums around the world. Initially self taught, researching classical Academy methods of painting, she had some experience assisting Ernst Fuchs (principle founder of Fantastic Realism)  in 2012 in Vienna ,  trained on courses in mische technique oil painting in Italy & Austria, & attended workshops at the London School of Representational Art. 
She has had some interesting challenges in her life, born with a disability , she underwent a lot of surgery as a child and adult to enable her to walk.  She views this challenge & the associated difficultys to be her greatest hurdle and teacher, instrumental in getting her on the path of self enquiry , healing & transformation.  Creativity & her Art is part of this therapeutic process & spiritual practice.
 Besides Art, her other great love is Music & songwriting , jamming & playing flute, singing & composing ambient soundscapes.