Art, for me, is a dance with the mystery, a fantastical collaboration with the unseen. I draw upon the mythology from many esoteric traditions to explore human consciousness, working with archetypes in artistic practice that activates powerful forces within the psyche that can initiate healing and transformation .

Its an intuitive creative process , influenced by Jungian concepts. I follow clues, synchronicity’s and dreams, that guide me as to which archetype to work with. This can be relevant both for my individual journey and the wider collective unconscious , and can be prophetic or divinatory .  As I dive into working magickally with the energy , this invokes more experiences.  Adventures unfold revealing the wisdom and lessons of the deity. The experience is integrated in the paintings, which can reveal many surprises in the design drawn directly from the subconscious onto the canvas . The result are paintings that embody the lived experience of the mythology.