I open myself to inspiration from life, love & divinity.
I immerse myself in the study of ancient mysticism
I seek to create images encoded with mythos, maths & magic...radiating harmony
My intention is to contribute to the cultural awakening in consciousness occurring at these pivotal times.

  • Legacy of Light – Ernst Fuchs Tribute exhibit at Castle Gloggnitz


    Honoured to be a part of this historic event at Castle Gloggnitz, Austria.   A collection of work from many of the Artists, assistants, apprentices whose lives and Art were touched by the Maestro Ernst Fuchs, one of the founders of the Fantastic Realism movement.    I worked for him assisting painting in 2012, living [...]

  • Ernst Fuchs Tribute


    I was honoured to show the painting ” Shamanize ” as part of a wonderful tribute exhibit at Gallerie 10 in Vienna, May 13th 2016 to honour the life & works of Ernst Fuchs, one of the core founders & pioneers of the Fantastic Realist movement. A peer of Salvador Dali,  He influenced so many [...]

  • Ozora Festival, 3- 9th August .Hungary


    Ozora Festival Hungary. Honoured to be part of the amazing line up of artists in the Mirador gallery at Ozora festival this year.

  • Secret Garden Party 23rd 26th July


    SECRET GARDEN PARTY : 23rd 26th July Secrets out, its gotta be one of the best partys of the year I will be displaying my art on Lightboxes at the Sanctuary healing area.

  • Breaking Convention conference 10th -12th July


    Honoured to have work in the Art Gallery at Breaking convention, a multidisciplinary conference on psychedelic consciousness held at Greenwich university. On the evening of the 10th at the conference, I will also be signing books & prints at Ben Sessas launch of his book ” Fathom Hell or Soar Angelic ” for which i painted [...]

  • Glastonbury Festival 2015, The Glade area


    Super exited to present an installation of my paintings displayed in Lightboxes with inOrbit decor at the legendary Glade stage area at Glastonbury Festival.  I will also be live painting putting finishing touches to latest painting ” Shamanize ” http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/areas/the-glade/ Also hanging backdrops at the Ancient Futures stage in the Tipi field.