Visionary Alchemy, Society of Art of Imagination , 29th April – 13th May 2017 , One Art Space, 23 Warren Street ,New York.  House of Alchemy Brighton Fringe 9th – 15th May 2017

Legacy of Light – Ernst Fuchs Tribute exhibit at Castle Gloggnitz- 28th July- Sept 10 – 2016

Glastonbury Festival ,Ancient Futures backdrop, Tipi fields 2016-2009

Ernst Fuchs Tribute – Gallerie 10, Vienna May 13th – 2016

Ozora Festival 3rd -9th August.  Prints in collection in gallery.

Secret Garden Party – Lightbox installation at entrance to Sanctuary healing area

Breaking Convention conference 10th -12th July Gallery display , Greenwich University  2015

Glastonbury Festival – Glade area,Lightbox installation 2015

Rainbow Serpent Festival Jan 2015 Evolve gallery & Mosaic vision

Inspiral Lounge New Years Eve event – System 7 paintings displayed

Ozora Festival gallery, Hungary 29th -3rd August

BOOM festival 2014 – MOVA gallery – Live painting

Gateways of the mind conference , gallery at Griffith college, Dublin 7 – 8th June

Sunrise festival gallery 29th May-1st June 2014

Mind Body Spirit , Art gallery booth, London 23 -26 th May 2014

Earth Frequency festival gallery, Australia 2014

Rainbow Serpent festival , Evolve gallery 2014

Maitreya Festival live painting main stage 2014

Burning Man 2013 Fractal Planet gallery, Sacred Spaces camp, Camp mystic

Cre8 gallery, Hackney Wicked Festival

Breaking Convention conference gallery, Greenwich university 2013

Envision Festival, Tribe 13 gallery, Costa Rica  Feb 2013

Dreams & Divinities, San Marcos Arts centre, 22nd march 2013, Toledo , Spain, traveling show to Madrid

Synthesis Festival  21/12/12/ Chichen Itza , Mexico

Moksha Art Fair, Miami, Dec 2012

Eclipse Festival 2012, Tribe 13 gallery

Burningman , Fractal Nation camp, Tribe 13 gallery 2012,

Phantaschten Museum exhibit, Vienna August 14th 2012 ” Fantastic Generations, Uncommon Visions

BOOM festival, Portugal , gallery 2012

Sunrise Festival Portal for the Immortal gallery 2012

Glade festival , Art gallery 2012

Origin Festival gallery Jan 2012

Elixir of Life gallery at event, London 2012 New Years Eve.